The Equine Performance and Rehabilitation Center was established to bring state of the art equipment and care to the general public of Dubai. The facility takes a holistic approach to the wellness of the horse and rider with treatments from muscles, bones, tendons, hooves to rider fitness and nutrition through our equine specific personal training division. We aim to provide a center of excellence where along with the maintenance and rehabilitation services we offer we provide an environment for equine professionals to collaborate and ensure that our horses get the best possible advice and treatment. We have sourced a network of world leading professionals that have all achieved world fame in their specific fields to visit and treat horses in our Dubai based Center.

Equine Sports Products was established to bring quality equine products to the Middle East that are lasting and affordable. Our aim is to provide you with high quality products from around the globe. Our founding member, Greg Neil has ridden since the age of 6 and has also owned several businesses in the equine field due to his passion for horses. The business and staff have combined experience of over 50 years’ in the industry and have also ridden in various different disciplines ranging from racing and polo to dressage and eventing.

This enables us to bring you products that we have first-hand experience with and that we know will suit your riding and discipline. ESP joined forces with the Al Najjar Group in the Middle East as they are a well-established group of companies that have been doing business in the region since the 1950’s. They have an excellent reputation in the marketplace and have excellent business principles with the clients wellbeing always at the forefront of whatever they do. The Al Najjar group has an excellent infrastructure which enables ESP to provide an efficient and reliable service to our clients.




Greg Neil is the Al Najjar Group CEO and partner and is a serial entrepreneur with qualifications in Business Management and Marketing. Greg has owned several businesses in the call center industry, engineering supplies, equine feed and veterinary products and agriculture. He now runs the group which is involved in various industries ranging from fitness and radio to beverages and various areas of the equestrian industry.

Greg, who is a passionate equestrian having ridden and been involved with horses from a young age, developed the concept of the Equine Performance and Rehabilitation Center as he realised the need for all horse owners to firstly have access to advanced state of the art equipment for maintenance and rehabilitation of their horses and secondly to have a facility that provides a platform where leaders in their various fields have a platform to collaborate and bring the best possible care and solutions to the horses in the Middle East.

“Our aim and vision is to provide a world class facility, with the latest advancements in equine equipment, where our Olympic level professionals collaborate with local service providers to provide the best possible care and solutions for the equine industry in the Middle East” – Greg Neil



Swedish certified Equine sports massage therapist and Equine laser therapist. Dedicated to provide best possible solution for horse and owner at all times.

Equestrian since a young age, with a background of managing stable of Polo horses as well as working with Quarter horses, competing in western reining, trail and pleasure.
‘’Growing up, my mother always pointed out the importance of massaging and stretching my horses which later became my passion and profession. To this day, I am mesmerized by the beauty and strength of these athletes. Every horse and case is individual and should be treated as such’’