We provide high quality, compassionate, timely, clinically effective and cost effective equine veterinary care for your horses.
Sara Bagheri is from New Zealand and will be tripping into our center to offer several valuable services to our clients.



  • BVetMed from the Royal Veterinary College, University of London
  • WVAG training in Western Veterinary Acupuncture
  • I AVC trained in Veterinary Chiropractic
  • IVCA Certified in Veterinary Chiropractic
  • Equi-Tape practitioner and trainer
  • Spectravet Laser therapy training
Services available with Sara:
  • Veterinary Consultation and Treatment
  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropratic work
  • Equitaping
  • Laser Therapy

My approach to a patient is unique to each individual; all are assessed both statically and during movement and an as- sessment is made of the patient’s biomechanics and likely sources of problems before a treatment plan is formulated. Treatment involves a tailored combination of chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, Equi-Tape kinesiology taping and la- ser therapy, as well as recommendations for training plans, ongoing treatments and injury prevention, developed through discussions with owners/trainers in order to ensure an achieveable, effective management strategy for both management of injuries and in ‘pre-habilitation’ to avoid injury.